Design Thinking, what is it anyway? A method – an approach – a culture – a mindset?
Yes, indeed, all of it!
Design Thinking is becoming increasingly popular among professionals who want to deliver better solutions to their users; innovative solutions for wicked, ill-defined problems.
So actually for the problems that organizations are really concerned with today.
Design Thinking is based on two pillars: empathy and creativity.
A continuous focus on early feedback, prototyping and co-creation with users mitigates the risk of innovation.
The Design Thinking ideas fit perfectly into an Agile approach and are a must for anyone involved in innovation.


Hans van Loenhoud graduated as a biologist and worked in ecological research at the University of Amsterdam.
In 1980 he switched to IT and started a career as a Cobol programmer. For more than 10 years, he was involved in development projects in finance, industry and government. Later on, he specialized in consultancy on data, information and quality management.
Around Y2K Hans entered the field of software testing. During his work as a tester, he took interest in requirements engineering, because he is convinced that good requirements are a prerequisite for professional testing.
Nowadays, in his consultancy firm Taraxacum, he is active as a trainer/coach for business analysis, requirements engineering and software testing courses. In various international conferences, he has been a regular speaker on these topics.
Hans is 2nd chair of the Executive Committee of the International Requirements Engineering Board (IREB) and one of the co-founders of 7skills.org. He is involved in the revision of the IREB Advanced Level Elicitation syllabus and in the development of the soft skills model from 7skills.org.
Hans is also lecturer at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, teaching Software Testing and Requirement Engineering.


This two-days foundation level training gives you an overview of Design Thinking, while focusing on the Designing for Growth approach:

  • Design Thinking background
  • Definitions of Design Thinking
  • Business use of Design Thinking
  • Variety of approaches
  • Design Thinking mindset
  • Design Thinking approach
  • Design Thinking Concepts
  • Design Thinking Resources
  • Design Thinking Process
  • Design Thinking in practice
  • Process stages of Designing for growth
  • Tools and methods
  • Design Thinking application

See also https://isqi.org/ua/en/a4q-design-thinking-foundation-level


The A4Q Design Thinking Foundation training is intended for professionals from business and IT who want to develop their empathy and creativity skills, and seek practical tools from a well-developed theoretical framework:

  • Product owners
  • Scrum masters
  • Project leaders
  • Business analysts
  • Designers



Some years of projects experience, preferably in analysis and/or design


No special requirements


Take the optional certification exam directly following the training